“I’ve never met anyone that couldn’t learn to make music and I have never seen anyone that could not be touched by music. Music is in all of us and we just have to find it.”

Richard has a natural way of making his students feel at ease and creating a safe and comfortable space were everyone can grow and push their own limits. Whether he is teaching guitar, ukulele, music theory or songwriting his approach is the same. He is known for his high energy classes and workshops meeting every student where they are and engaging them deeply.

“Richard is such an amazing teacher! I have learned so much in the relatively short time I have been playing the ukulele. He always encourages each student to be the best musician they can no matter what level they are, from beginners to more advanced students. He even makes the complicated world of music theory fun.”

Cathy Bickerton

“Richard Colombo is a talented musician with the ability to share his knowledge in a way that is accessible and enjoyable. In over 3 years of lessons I have learned to play the ukulele using various styles and techniques. Along the way I have also learned bits about music theory, song writing and performing with others. But the classes are much more than that, they also incorporate community, making friends and having fun. They are a happy, inclusive space, where we also learn to play the ukulele.”

Teresa Bennett

“I have been taking classes from Richard for the past 5 years and I think he is a phenomenal teacher and musician. His love of music and joy in helping others improve their skills makes his classes enjoyable, instructive and motivating-and so much fun.”

Leslie Schneider

“Rich’s ukulele and guitar classes are just what I needed. I so enjoy our class time and thrive on the informative, fun and non-threatening way Rich teaches. We all have so much fun, and I am enjoying new friends and seeing myself improve as a musician.”

Joyce Jallnutt

“I love my weekly hour with Richard, it’s the highlight of my week. Richard is a skillful, patient and gifted teacher and he enlivens our time together with his infectious humor. Thanks to him, I’m a pretty darn good ukulele player and with his encouragement I’ve returned to my guitar after a very long time.”

Freddie Schrider

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