This is Richard Colombo's second compilation album, concieved and produced for Artichoke Music. It features original songs from Northwest songwriters, but this time around, no tracks from Richard himself.

Track List

1. Tree in the Garden - Richey Bellinger
2. Name Stitched in Blue - Pete Ekstam
3. The End of the Evening - Olivia Duffy w/ René Berblinger
4. White Eagle - Daniel Cecil
5. Love Ain’t So Far - Alexa Wiley
6. Manzanita Morning - Carl Thor
7. Play With Me - Don Wheatley
8. No Love Song - Adrian Martin
9. Goodbye to Dad - Dan Weber
10. Blue Roads, Red Wine - Tom May
11. Mary Has Grace - Andy Anderson
12. Schwinn Typhoon - Paul Kwitek
13. Straight On - Michael Henchman
14. Centered - Tim and Sophie
15. Cottage - Therese Michaud
16. It Couldn’t Be Love - Martin Hill
17. The Ghost of Irving Park - Helen Chaya
18. Love Will Go - Robin Greene
19. This Must Be Artichoke - The Tummybuckles
20. Yippie Ki-Yi-Yay - Jack Kennedy


Produced by Richard Colombo
Engineered by Dan Rhiger
Mastered at Medicine Whistle Studio, Portland, OR
Art direction by Scott Docherty / Redhare

Artichoke Nights painting by Susan Barry

Album Artwork
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