Artichoke Nights is a compillation of original songs, featuring various songwriters from Artichoke Music in Portland. This, the first volume of two, was concieved and produced by Richard Colombo, and also features one of his songs, "What I'll Miss the Most."

Track List

1. Another Artichoke Night - Dan'l
2. All Summer Long - John Manns
3. Every Skin - Sky in the Road
4. Long Way 'Round - Matt Meighan
5. What I'll Miss Most - Richard Colombo
6. Finding the Edge - Chris Kokesh
7. Old Friends - Margaret Branch
8. She Danced - Ken Vigil
9. Keelah's Tune - Barb Galloway
10. Grandpa - Mindy Dillard
11. Do the Sing Along - Steve Ulrich
12. Just Another Day - James Faretheewell
13. I'm Like the Perfect Country Song Tonight - Tom Arnold
14. Leonard's Guitar (Artichoke Remix) - DonnaLynn
15. This Is My Family - Leela and Ellie Grace
16. That Certain Quiet - Dan Dover
17. Whale Song (Roll Back the Years) - Will Hobbs
18. Fall - Anne Weiss
19. Set the Wild Ones Free - Sky in the Road
20. Do What You Can Do - Paul Sanchez

Songs and Lyrics
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Produced by Richard Colombo
Engineered by Dan Rhiger
Mastered at Medicine Whistle Studio, Portland, Oregon
Art direction by Scott Docherty / Redhare

Special thanks to Dan Rhiger and all of the musicians that donated their time and talents.

Album Artwork
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