In Silence of Snow
Richard Colombo & Miche Evans
©1983 Boomer Hill Music (BMI)

Before I catch you smiling
Let me say a word or two
Before I see you celebrating
Let me smile back at you
Because I think we’ve got a lot in common
Me and you, yes we do
So smile, we’ll get through

Before I lay my eyes on you
I want to say I Love You too
I know it’s hard for you to understand
The things I’ve put you through
Just bear me by and things will move
We’re gettin’ ready to take off
Don’t pass me by, don’t pass me by

It ain easy gettin’ by
Without your lovin’ every night
And the pain is eatin’ at me
My body’s gettin’ so uptight
‘Cause you leave me lonely and my heart is breakin’
No one else could set me free
So smile at me and I’ll know then
You’ll know then, we’ll keep each other free