Moment in Time (Song for Joleen)
Richard Colombo & Miche Evans
©1983 Boomer Hill Music (BMI)

When you look at me with your gentle eyes
Your love comes shining through
And sharing my days and nights with you
Always brings something new

You’re my friend, you’re my lover
You’re everything to me
I love you forever
You set my spirit so free ... free ...

Yes, you and I are growin‘ and changin’
With the passin’ of each new day
And these changes are takin’ us somewhere I can’t say
We’re movin’ through the seasons of time
Not knowin’ what we’ll discover or find
Yet as each day unfolds we’ll rediscover again
All that life has to give
Who knows where our journey will end

Come take my hand, and walk with me
Let’s see what we can find
There’s no time to waste, my love
We’re just in a moment in time, in time
We’re only a moment in time
In time, in time, we’re only
A moent in time